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Cosmopolitan Details

The first lounge to offer upscale night life in Midtown. Establishments in the area seem to come and go, but Cosmopolitan has always enjoyed constant support to ensure that it remains the foremost gathering place for professionals that seek refined and modish surroundings.


Cosmopolitan Lounge attracts its trendsetting clientele with its distinct style. On first approach, you will notice the picturesque brick veranda ornamented with benches…a perfect place to take in the bustle of the Midtown night.


Inside, your attention will be immediately drawn to the decor. The minimal and tasteful use of artwork, an elaborate frieze, and vaulted ceilings defines Cosmopolitan’s modern, stark flare. The main bar winds to fit the flow of the space and allows for comfortable seating. In the adjoining alcove, plush couches and a fireplace make for more intimate socializing.


Aft of the main room, a spacious deck awaits for those patrons that to prefer the Atlanta skyline in the backdrop, also known as our “Tropical Deck”. Complete with a full bar and ample seating, this area offers open-air with a portion that is covered so that you may take in the scenery regardless of the weather. Our deck is bordered by a stone wall that houses plant beds with various domestic and tropical flowers to coincide with the season. This inviting setting is further accented by candles as not to interfere with the captivating lights of the Peachtree city. The deck also serves a bridge to Lava, our sister lounge, so that you are able to experience Atlanta’s two most popular venues with ease. Be to check out our virtual club tour to see first hand what Cosmo has to offer.


We do not allow any athletic gear, hats, tennis shoes, shorts or flip-flops in our establishment. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Lava Details

One of Atlanta’s most sophisticated lounges. No where else in the city will you find plush décor, cutting edge music and a state of the art sound system all set in the heart of Midtown. Lava boasts four bars on three floors, a “Tropical Deck” and has the city’s most happening dance floor. A contemporary design masterpiece, Lava is high-end and sophisticated yet undeniably inviting. Whether enjoying the mosaic design, plush velvet seating and fireplace on the main level, or finding your groove on our the lower level, expect an ambiance found only in the most elite nightclubs.


The main level features mosaic designs, plush velvet seating, and a fireplace. Adding to the ambience, are contemporary fixtures set in a midnight blue background. On the same level, you can easily catch a breath of fresh air on our “Tropical Deck”. The deck is great for mingling and taking in the views that the city night has to offer. There is plenty of seating to take in a Southern night. The lower level begs you to dance with exposed brick walls, a spacious bar and alluring candlelight.


Speaking of the dance floor…LAVA has been known for bringing in the best DJ’s from around the US and beyond. Many legendary talents have graced the decks since its opening in the spring of 2001: John Howard, Marshall Jefferson, JT Donaldson, Ron Trent, Mark Grant, Terry Francis and Stacey Kidd; just to name a few. The third level, nestled in Atlanta’s impressive skyline, pulls you in with golden draperies, floor to ceiling crème décor and a plethora of inviting sofas where mingling is made easy. Be to check out our virtual club tour to see first hand what Lava has to offer.